Relieve long lasting pain that has kept you out of the gym or from participating in your favorite activities. Prevent injuries from occurring by strengthening your body’s framework and learn how to move properly. Improve your overall performance in the gym by learning proper techniques so it transfers into your daily activities.

*Each member that is interested in the Rehabilitation Exercise Program here at the gym will first have a consultation with Ashley to assess and make sure this is the correct fit to get you the result you desire.

If we can help you….

Step One: Assessments (month one)

We will go through movements and observations through posture to assess tight muscles, weak muscles, and possible indicators of the pain and injuries.

Step Two: Framework (month two-three)

From the assessments, our workouts grow and we will create guided pre/ post exercise routines with a deep focus in dynamic flexibility, motor control exercises, stretching, & myofascial release.

Step Three: Improve (month four-six)

Now its time to implement everything we have learned and start putting together strength training exercises into a solid program to build a strong body for life.