Our Why. 



Owner Ashley Wagner opened her first training studio in 2015—and it didn’t take long for her dedication to draw attention. She developed a unique strategy, being exclusive, which delivers an unbeatable outcome to those willing to stick with it, thanks to basic strength exercises, time paced conditioning, and mindful recovery.

All who are willing are welcome. We keep the gym numbers low because we value proper training integrity, persistence, and hard work to fully integrate our members into the training programs. Its time to leave the ego and aesthetics at the door and focus on results.

At Ashley Wagner Fitness we always want more from your performance both physically and mentally. We understand that our approach to programming is not flashy and is selective with members, but the results they receive will translate into every aspect of their life. With the stress, pressures, tasks, and responsibilities that come with life, we are only as good as our training. That is why we train hard and train smart to build for the ultimate life. We want you to use the mindset and strength you build with us and go out and do everything you have every wanted to do; hike the mountains, travel, start a family, the marathon on your bucket list, or just be pain free.

Dont Wait.

Consistency is what makes or breaks a successful lifestyle change. You can’t implement proper nutrition or succeed at the gym without it. That said, the resources you invest your time and money into should place you in the best position to reach your goals.

With 10+ years in the business, coaching people from all walks of life; CEO’s, new moms, athletes, special populations, etc, when you commit to Ashley Wagner Fitness, you will find the best kept secret in Omaha. A knowledgable coach with state of the art equipment and a centrally located gym, that is completely dedicated to helping people break down barriers and unleash their full potential